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  • Search by synonyms and similar words

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mobile browsers


Boost customer retention

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Turn your customers' first buying experience into recurring sales. Use free and unlimited push notifications to inform shoppers about all discounts and special offers from your store.

Want to engage new clients without complicated advertising and enormous costs?

Use Cartmate's

Traffic Exchange Catalog

We have created a unique catalog of stores inside our mobile app to produce such an opportunity. Each customer who has installed the Cartmate app sees all the stores in this catalog, selects the ones they like, and buys from them.

With Cartmate, your store will be seen by countless customers in the Cartmate app, along with endless customers from other stores who are in the catalog. The best part? We have included this service in our standard subscription!
No additional fees.

Shopper Traffic

Product Roadmap

Mobile app builder
Our mobile app builder has been launched! You no longer need to pay hundreds of dollars to create an in-app mobile storefront. Open your mobile sales channel now!
80% ready
Exchanging audiences
We will create opportunities to easily increase your traffic. Your store and your partners' stores will be able to advertise each other for free within Cartmate by using SMART banners and PUSH notifications. Display your products in other stores and other stores' products in yours.
40% ready
Community of Shopify sellers
Join the Shopify sellers community. Share experiences, increase sales, and beat the competition with the new partners you will meet in Cartmate
0% ready
Introduction of reviews and product ratings
Are you selling high-quality products? If so, you will receive higher ratings and the shoppers that share your products will recommend them to their families and friends.
0% ready
Сreate client's personal accounts
Let's make Cartmate even more user-friendly. A personal account will allow your customers to easily access their purchase history, deliveries, and personalized offers. Find out more about your shoppers and offer what they really need.
0% ready
Integrate the most useful Shopify plugins
We will add the ability to sync your store with the most popular Shopify plugins for analytics, advertising or any other purpose.
0% ready
Easily search for nearby physical stores
Plan to sell online and in-person? Help customers find the nearest stores and get to know them personally!
0% ready
Community of buyers
Our goal is to create a community of buyers inside Carmate. They will be able to find and meet shoppers with similar interests directly in the Cartmate feed, offering buyers more products in the process.
One-Click Install app from Shopify to start your mobile seles. Cartmate automatically syncs all of your products and services with the mobile application.
Your store will appear in Appstore and Google Play instantly by itself. You can customize your mobile storefront in a few clicks if you want to make it unique.
Creating mobile store in
Cartmate is a piece of cake

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